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Ecobliss, the Smart Source
for blister and pharmaceutical packaging

Since 1996 Ecobliss is market leader in recyclable blister and high-visibility packaging and in pharmaceutical wallet solutions. We invented the eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology and the patented child-resistant solution Locked4Kids.

Our experience covers the entire spectrum of packaging, including design & development, production of packaging components, packaging machines and even to fine-tune packaging activities in your facility.

For secondary pharmaceutical packaging, Ecobliss can even take on the role of contract packager under GMP license.



Pharmaceutical packaging

Ecobliss cold seal blister cards and pharmaceutical wallets require pressure only to make a perfect board-to-board bond. This results in a very simple, quick and cost-effective packaging process. A range of packaging equipment, from manually operated to highly automated, is available to support any size of packaging project. The perfect solution for cold-chain, for clinical trials but also for high speed commercial wallet projects. Ecobliss can offer in-house secondary pharmaceutical packaging activities under cGMP license.

Retail blister packaging

Ecobliss mainly supplies its cold seal packaging which requires pressure only to make a perfect board-to-board seal. This makes the packaging process quick and reliable. Compared to traditional blistering the amount of plastic is reduced to a minimum. After opening the two components; board and plastic, are fully separated and can follow separated waste streams. A cost effective and environmentally friendly blister packaging solution.

Child resistant packaging

Locked4Kids is the certified child resistant packaging solution developed by Ecobliss. With its design flexibility it offers a child resistant & senior friendly solution for a broad range of products, and is with certainty the world’s most versatile CR/SF packaging platform. Locked4Kids is range certified according to US16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317, and is especially known for its great senior friendliness. The package is simple, cost-effective and suitable for mass-production on cartoning machines.

Packaging machines

Ecobliss offers a wide range of Starview packaging machines for pharmaceutical and retail applications, suitable for packaging styles such as wallets, carded blisters, face seal blisters, double carded trapped blisters, clam shell blisters, medical device and food trays. Whether you need a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic solution, Ecobliss has the right machine for your packaging job.

Ecobliss and your market

Ecobliss and your market

Sustainable thinking at Ecobliss

Eco isn’t just part of our name,
it’s embedded in our DNA

As the Smart Source for blister and high-visibility packaging, we act responsibly towards the environment and the people who make Ecobliss what it is today.

Depending on your wishes and requirements we can develop and supply packaging components that are recyclable and/or compostable.

Our head office in Echt in the Netherlands proves our sustainable intentions: it has been completely energy- and carbon-neutral since 2018.

Ecobliss helps to find what you are looking for

Ecobliss helps to find what you are looking for

Contract packaging
at ecobliss

Your cGMP certified partner

When you need your product secondary packed in wallets or in child resistant Locked4Kids® packaging and you don’t have the capacity in-house, Ecobliss offers a wide range of secondary packaging services for clinical trials and commercial supply. From small to large batches, everything is possible in our GMP packaging facility. Next to wallets and Locked4Kids® our offering contains kit-packs, serialization and other (semi) automated packaging solutions.

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get in touch with ecobliss

Curious about what we can do for you? Drop us a line or contact our sales team

Edisonweg 11
6101 XJ Echt
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 475 390 550

Edisonweg 11
6101 XJ Echt
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 475 390 550


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Medicinal cannabis

Types of blisters

Custom made carded and clamshell styles of packaging.

Child resistant

Locked4kids, our range certified child resistant and senior friendly packaging platform.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Cold seal box wallets and regular wallets, for the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical medication blister strips, vials, syringes, etc.

Blister packaging machines

High quality sealing machines and technical support to process my blister or wallet packing

Sealing equipment pharma

Sealing equipment for pharmaceutical secondary packaging

Help to find what I need

Who can I contact at Ecobliss to discuss my requirements

Turn-key solutions

Complete blister packaging solutions, including all components, finishing options, packaging automation and support.

Cold Seal

Would you like to read more about the Ecobliss cold seal technology?

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Ecobliss’ standard range of clamshell blisters and transparent PET-boxes from stock with a short delivery time.