Transparent boxes

100% visible.

Why hide your product in a closed box when you can display it in attractive, free-standing, transparent boxes? From the simplest models, to holographic printing, to unique 3D thermoformed shapes to match your product’s profile, Ecobliss has what you need.

We at Ecobliss are proud to have won a WorldStar Award in 2012 for our design of the perfect blister and high-visibility packaging – the Philips LED box, a thermoformed plastic box that successfully displays both in blister shelf mode as well as a the box on the shelf. Although our business is to fully satisfy our customers, not win awards, our pursuit of excellence is sure to bring more acknowledgements of our world-class products.
  Ron Linssen, Managing Director

Challenge us!

We produce standard plastic boxes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and appearances. They can be transparent, or high-quality printed with any desired design. Or we will happily produce the transparent box you need, for your specific requirements in terms of shape and strength. Also, your coloured artwork, or special finishes such as holographic images or metallic surfaces, can be applied to attract the eye of the consumer. The shape of Ecobliss’ plastic boxes is not limited to rectangular, but can also be oval, or pyramid-shaped, or … Challenge us!

A real eye-catcher

Last, and definitely not least, Ecobliss can offer you the 3D thermoformed transparent plastic box. Here, Ecobliss has created a real eye-catcher – a technology that converts regular plastic boxes into beautiful, 3D shaped and 3D printed thermoformed plastic boxes. The technology of thermoforming plastic boxes makes it possible to have the best of both worlds in the store. It is not only a blister and certainly not only a plastic box, but rather, a plastic box with a custom 3D shape to match your product. For most plastic boxes transparent PET material is used in various thicknesses, depending on shape and size of the box, but also, if required, plastic boxes can be made of PVC, PP, etc.

Ecobliss is one of only a handful of companies worldwide that has mastered the process of making 3D printed blisters on a large scale. The impact of a 3D printed blister is unique. The shape of the blister and the printed image are brought together in perfect harmony. The appealing look of printed 3D thermoformed packaging immediately attracts the eye of the consumer and moves your products out of the stores faster.
  Ron Linssen, Managing Director

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