Single blisters

For many purposes. And in many different industries.

A single blister, essentially a single thermoformed plastic cavity used to protect, but also to show your product and enhance shelf display, is the basic component of many kinds of packaging. Ecobliss, your Smart Source for all packaging components, has extensive experience implementing single blisters components, for many purposes and in many different industries.

100% visible on the shelf.

Take an industry such as automotive, lighting, stationery, or electronics and you’ll find blisters used in packaging any product you can imagine. That’s no surprise, because blisters are a unique, self-selling concept. There’s no better way to present your product than to make it 100% visible on the shelf, while being fully protected by the transparent plastic blister. Blisters can be produced in any style, size or shape. Combined with a printed blister card the blister pack supports the promotion of your products and gives the customer all the necessary product information. Single blisters are also widely used in the food industry as protective display containers, often doubling as transport packaging.

Unlimited possibilites

To achieve the right look and feel and serve your functional needs, we create blisters from transparent or opaque material, and in almost any colour, including metallic silver and gold. We can produce blisters with an interesting texture, such as a soft, cloth-feel surface (flocked). Blisters can even be made in 3D shapes with 3D printing, for a truly eye-catching effect. Invite Ecobliss onto your packaging or process design team! We have the experience and know-how to help you design, or if you desire, to design the best possible blister solution for you. We know how to package your product well, and how to distinguish your products from the competition.

Transport trays

Another specific example of the use of the single blister is the transport tray. Transport trays are thermoformed blisters designed to protect and organise products in an efficient way while in transit. They are used by various industries for transportation and temporary storage of product components from one stage to another in an assembly process, or from one location to another. Ecobliss can also design transport trays to serve additional purposes, such as point of sale (POS) packaging, or as a logistical aid in manufacturing – say by colour-coding components by process type. For most transport blisters PET material is used, in various thicknesses, depending on shape and size requirements, but if needed, blisters can be made of PVC, PP, Polystyrene, etc.

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