The right packaging.

The development of new pharmaceutical products requires huge efforts and large investments. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the right packaging is designed around the product or drug in order to achieve sales targets, create brand awareness, improve patient compliance, defeat counterfeiting and make the packaging interesting so as to engage patients. Ecobliss is a specialist in this field and offers a large variety of secondary consumer packaging. We are your key partner for the development of commercial, or clinical trial packaging, and also for developing the manufacturing process that follows once the packaging design work is completed.


Ecobliss offers blister cards and blister wallets in heat and cold seal technologies, always custom designed around your primary blister or product. The advantage of using blisters or wallets for pharmaceutical or healthcare products is that all the printed information stays with the drug itself, unlike the case of boxes where the information about the drug is often gets lost after the patient takes the product out of the box. Pharmaceutical wallets and blister cards also make it easy to incorporate various options, such as integrated Product Information Leaflets (PIL’s), smart electronics and child-resistant (CR) solutions.

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