Transparent boxes


Why hide your product in a cardboard box when you can display it in attractive, free-standing, transparent boxes? Indeed, for some products – like cosmetics, an attractive display presentation is expected. Your product, presented in an attractive transparent box, already looks like a gift! Maybe this is something to consider – with Ecobliss, your Smart Source for complete transparent boxes.

Ecobliss complete transparent boxes can incorporate many other features such as internal blisters shaped to hold your product for display and protection in transit, or insert cards to provide product information for sales promotion or for product use. The actual box material can be chosen from various thicknesses – to provide adequate breakage protection if needed. This fully integrated packaging option can be designed to stand on its own or to hang straight in a shelf. It can be reclosable, so that the packaging actually becomes part of the functionality of the sold product. Again, the options are virtually unlimited.
Your choice of Ecobliss complete transparent box packaging can have a highly attractive finishing such as holographic printing – which can be used for anti-counterfeiting purposes that provides, as well, a unique branding feature. Your own special colour printed artwork, possibly with a metallic-look in gold or silver, and in varying opacities, can appear on the box. Unique 3D thermoformed boxes can take on shapes to match your product – square, oval, pyramid – challenge us! Ecobliss has what you need.


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