Pharmaceutical packaging


Ecobliss is the Smart Source for complete pharmaceutical packagings, which are widely used for clinical trials, drugs promotion, as well as commercial packaging. As secondary packaging for pharmaceutical drugs, tablets and pills that are pre-packed in a primary blister/aluminium foil combination, your product can be easily pushed through, out of the blister strip for use, but with clearly visible and complete assurance that no tampering has occurred. The great advantage of this packaging solution is that use-critical information, such as dosage or contraindications, expiry dates, as well as anti-counterfeiting and branding, stay with the product even after the box is thrown away. Pharmaceutical wallets and blister cards also offer the possibility to employ child resistant features and apply suitable warning labels. Ecobliss also offers other packaging options that may be of interest in the pharmaceutical domain, such as a blister card which can dispense your product and then be reclosed for future use.

A key functionally desirable attribute of Ecobliss complete pharmaceutical packaging lies in the possibiliy to choose for an extremely simple and reliable sealing process. By choosing for cold sealing pharmaceutical packaging, only one parameter is important to get a perfect sealed package, and that is pressure. Ecobliss also offers complete pharmaceutical (conventional) heat seal packaging. For pharmaceutical heat sealing packaging not only pressure, but also heat and time is required to seal the packaging.
Ecobliss provides pharmaceutical secondary blister cards and blister wallets in many different types and sizes, always designed to match your requirement. Ecobliss wallets are used globally by many customers for the purpose of clinical trials, where both small and large batches are easy to produce.


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