Fold-over blister cards

For sales message.

Or instructions for product use. A fold-over blister card is a folding paperboard backer with a cut-out in the centre of one side. It folds to enclose the protective plastic blister and your product within it. Your product is visible through the plastic, and the card, which needs only to be printed on one side because of the folding, carries your product's sales message and instructions for product use. Since after packing only the front of the printed board is visible, inexpensive cardboard can be used. Ecobliss offers cold seal and heat seal fold-over blister cards.

Many possibilities.

By applying a line of perforation behind the blister, your package can be made easy to open. Alternately, if theft resistance is the desired quality, Ecobliss can apply a special coating to make the resultant blister cards – here made of virgin fibers, extra thick cardboard, laminated with a 30 micron OPP film, completely tear resistant.

Dispenser function.

Another example of the fold-over blister card is the Ecobliss dispenser package. One way to implement the dispenser function is to provide a tear-off strip on one side of the package – removing this strip – which provides tamper evidence, allows dispensing either by sliding or rotating the blister, whereby limited access is created to the content of the blister so that a portion can easily be removed. The package can be closed again by sliding or rotating the blister back to its original position. The remaining products stay packaged perfectly well until the pack is opened again for further use. This approach is often used for candy, small hardware and solid plant. The blister cards can be made of recycled (grey back) or white back cardboard in any desired thickness.

Distinctive finishing.

Fold-over blister cards can be designed so as to stand stably on the shelf, through the inclusion of a wider base on the packaging. And depending on your needs, 1, 2, 3 or even more folds can be used. Ecobliss can give your fold-over blister card a distinctive finishing to perfectly suit your branding requirements. For example, it can be imprinted with your distinct designs, transparent or opaque, and any colour, including metallic silver or gold, or with a soft-feel (flocked) finish. We can even apply a holographic design – often employed for anti-counterfeiting or simply as a branding element.

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