One-stop shopping environment.

"Do It Yourself" (DIY) stores make it easy for professionals and amateurs to buy everything needed to do jobs – small, or even big jobs, in and around their homes, in a one-stop shopping environment. Products like screws, nails, drills, tools, plumbing accessories, electrical parts, etc., whatever you need for home renovation, construction or repair problems you’ll find in these large stores. All DIY stores like to have a lot of fast-moving, self-selling products. Consumers walk through the isles alongside the displays, and pick whatever they need for their home job.


From the beginning, blister packaging has played a very important role in the success of DIY stores, as the concept of self-selling is embedded in blister packaging. Customers are attracted by a clear presentation of the packaged product, with product information and instructions visible. The blister bubble shows the actual product and protects it from damage and tampering. But just as for every other business, you want to make sure that your products move out of the store faster than those of the competition. To achieve that you have to make sure that the eye of the customer is caught by your product.

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